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Machine Shop Market Profile Part II

Based on information provided in part one ofour annual Machine Shop Market Profile which appeared in lastmonthís issue, the machine shop market produced between1.31 million and 1.7 million rebuilt engines in 1996. These figuresrepresent a decline of about 7% from the previous production year. Part one of our annual Machine Shop Market Review featured detailson

Ensuring Bearing Life: Crankshaft Bearings Are Always Replaced When Rebuilding An Engine

Crankshaft bearings are always replaced when rebuilding an enginebecause they’re a wear component. Heat, pressure, chemical attack,abrasion and loss of lubrication can all contribute to deteriorationof the bearings. Consequently, when an engine is rebuilt new bearingsare always installed."Reading" the old bearings canreveal a great deal about conditions that may have contributedto their demise. All bearings

Piston Rings and Surface Finish

Horsepower is always paramount in the minds of customers who salivatelike a Pavlovian dog when the terms "high performance"and "engine" are used in the same sentence. Unquestionably,horsepower is heady stuff, capable of not only moving a vehicleto obscene speeds, but also of propelling its owner to a positionof prominence in the eyes of performance enthusiasts


So it’s important to remember when deciding on a specific approachto cleaning to strive for cleaning effectiveness, while at thesame time, staying in compliance with Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) regulations. In order for a machine shop to have a positive returnon investment, cleaning systems and procedures must be cost-efficient.It’s been