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Learning Curve

As I travel around the country visiting with machine shops, I notice missed opportunities. One that is particularly noticeable is in the area of casting repair. I

Rebuilding the Toyota 3.0L V6 SOHC Head

  The Toyota 3.0L V6 was introduced in Toyota trucks in 1988 with single overhead cam heads. This engine was designated as the 3VZ-E and was available for the truck line until 1995. This eight-year run means there are literally tens of thousands of these engines and heads out there for remanufacture.   According to

Media Frenzy — How Shot Blasting Gets Done

Opinions on which type of blast medium works best for cleaning automotive parts vary among engine builders about as much as the types of media themselves. One rebuilder may say he never uses a particular type of media to blast clean his parts, while another swears by it. Expand that out to the entire rebuilding

Making A Good Profit Margin In The Engine Building Business

As results from our recent Machine Shop Market Profile show (see page 21), making a good profit margin in the engine building business demands that you not only have your parts and labor pricing in order, but also your operating expenses fully under control. However, there are also several proposed bills working their way through