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(Chrysler 3.3/3.8, That Is) Before the beginning of many sporting events there is a coin toss. After the referee gives instructions to each team he will throw a coin upward and the designated player has to "call it in the air." Once that coin leaves the referee

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2003 Machine Shop Market Profile

2003 Machine Shop Market Profile – Part II

CNC Equipment: Should Your Shop Make The Leap

When the great American pioneer Eli Whitney invented mass production, little did he know that more than 200 years later his ideas of uniform parts and production efficiency would still hold true. Through his innovations and inventions (he also invented the first milling machine) he helped spark the industrial revolution. Today, in the information age,

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The Constant of Change

Although "change" is a frightening word to many people, reasons Yamato Engine Specialists’ Asiff Dhanani, there’s simply no point in questioning it. Of all the "sure things" in business, the only certainty is that situations definitely change. Dhanani, incoming president of PERA explains that the change in this industry is not new. Things have been

According to a survey conducted for AutoZone, Americans will pay up to around $2,500 before giving up on a car.

  Quick question for you: if the car you drove to work today suddenly needed repairs, how much would be too much for you to spend fixing it? At what point would you slap a "For Sale" sign on it and head to the new car lot? According to a survey conducted for AutoZone, Americans