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Vizard’s View: Avoiding Flat Tappet Cam And Lifter Failure

There is nothing worse than building a cost effective engine for a customer, shipping it, and then having it come back a short while later with the installed flat tappet cam wiped out. Even if the cam and valve train was warranted by the cam manufacture, you, as the engine builder, will bear the brunt

Rebuilding the International 6.9/7.3L Powerstroke Engine

One solution to that problem is the diesel engine with more torque, horse power and better fuel economy. This applies not only to heavy duty applications but small displacement turbocharged inter-cooled diesels as well. The diesel engine will play just as important part of the future of the automotive industry as the Hybrid. If you

Custom Rod and Bike Market Reality:Is There a Place in for Custom Engines?

Have you ever dreamed of starring In your own reality television show? Is the human drama and bickering in your shop great enough to hold America’s attention week after week? Well, you may not impress the Nielsen families, but you could guest star as a custom rod or bike engine builder in your own local