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2009 Machine Shop Market Profile – Part Two

Our story so far: • GM declares bankruptcy. • Chrysler emerges FROM bankruptcy. • Congress passes the Consumer Assist & Save Act of 2009 (Also known as H.R. 2346. Also known as “Cash for Clunkers”). • GM emerges from bankruptcy. • Ford pledges millions to help auto parts supplier Visteon emerge from ITS bankruptcy. Just

EFI Introduction 101

EFI has become the tool that has unlocked the next level of engine performance. Nowhere is it more evident than in drag racing, where EFI has taken over where the rules permit. Take Joe Dunn’s Pat Musi-powered ’68 Camaro that just rocked the competition with a 6.38 @ 218 mph pass. Its 755 cid big-block

Why Buying That New Machine Is The Right Thing To Do Right Now

Why am I saying to upgrade and buy now? Well, I’ll tell you why: because if your equipment is behind the times it can’t create the tolerances that today’s engines require. So why now? After all, the market is in decline, business is off, times are really tough, right? Blah, blah, blah! Yes, the market

Engine Part Coatings: Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Outside of the engine building community, people think of coatings  and think of something dipped in chocolate and rolled in candy. For us it’s a little different, especially with engine coatings – even though it may be candy to your engine parts business. So let’s just clear this up right now: there is no caramel,

Understanding Dyno Numbers’ Place in Your Business

It is very difficult to cover all of what you need to know about dyno testing in an article of this length, but perhaps I can take a swing at nailing some of the critical information down. Dyno testing is an important part of engine development programs and can provide an improvement in quality control