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The Lifter/Cam Relationship

They are lifters, and they are critical to proper engine operation. “On the outside they look the same, but the inside is where the big difference is,” says Scott Reynolds of Scorpion Performance. “The mechanical or solid lifter is just what it sounds like: solid with no internal movement. These lifters are designed to be

Intake Manifold Gaskets

Back in the days when most engines had cast iron blocks, heads and manifolds, the intake manifold could be easily sealed with simple and relatively inexpensive die cut fiber faced metal gaskets (solid or perforated core). Sealer was usually required to ensure a leak-free installation.   But in the late 1980s and early 1990s, fuel

Motorcycle Road Racing and Sportbike Engine Market

MotoGP today is a highly evolved and scientific competition where electronics play a vital role in delivering power to the road and adjusting the balance of the motorcycle to maximize the engine’s performance. This year there are three American MotoGP riders – Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies and Colin Edwards – who all started their careers