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Pro Stock Engine Technology

For a gearhead it’s always interesting to look at the upper echelons of motorsports to see what’s ticking under the hood. F1, Sprint Cup, and endurance cars are all fairly engaging from an engine perspective, but nothing tops drag racing for its sheer power, variety and ingenuity. In a single event you have vehicles competing

Cleaning Cylinder Heads and Blocks

The cleaning process should remove all of the dirt, grease, oil, rust, scale and carbon deposits that have accumulated over the years. With painted castings, the old paint also has to be stripped away so the surface can be repainted. Even if you’re working with brand new castings, a final cleaning is still necessary after

Running To Stand Still: Natural Gas and Diesel Power Generation Markets

Turns out, many engine builders are experts at building for applications that don’t move as well. And there’s a wide-open market for power system units that either run an electrical generator or power another system such as an irrigation pump through a power take off (PTO) shaft. While there are a number of large, established

Do Your Customers Qualify?

If you’ve been following along the past couple years, you know that when I say qualify, I’m referring to the act of “qualifying” your potential customer. First and foremost, can they afford to pay for the work and the parts you will provide. The best test for this is to require a deposit. A down

2011 Machine Shop Market Profile – Part 2

To us, diversity means a shop’s ability to do an increasing amount of various types of engine builds and engine machine work in a variety of engine markets. CERs today are more and more capable of doing everything from a single cylinder gas or diesel slugger to a 16-cylinder marine, industrial or off-road engine to