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Please Pass the Salt

My passion for Bonneville began in 1963 in Mrs. Combest’s 2nd grade class in Electra, TX. Our class had just received our Weekly Reader Newspaper with an article written about a young Craig Breedlove building a land speed car in his dad’s backyard to run over 400 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats! I was so intrigued!

Engine Testing Equipment

Engine dynamometers are great for tuning power and torque, but are they necessary for general quality control testing purposes? Do you need a full engine dyno to bench test an engine? The answer is: it depends. There may be other equipment options.

Cleaning Components with Baking Soda

There are many different processes for cleaning parts and components before engines can be rebuilt, and engine builders use a variety of cleaning solutions for different reasons. However, the argument can be made that sodium bicarbonate blasting or soda blasting has numerous advantages.

CNC Machine Centers

One curious fact that caught our eye in the latest Machine Shop Market Profile, published in June, was that 41% of readers – engine builders – don’t use a computer to run their shop. This begs the question: if you don’t use a computer for basic bookkeeping, are you using one for machining?

Women in the Industry

Welcome to our first annual Women in the Industry Spotlight. In the pages that follow, we highlight 10 amazing women of this industry who day-in and day-out help keep engine shops running smoothly and companies producing products and services, which make this industry a great one.

When it Comes to Stroker Engines – Bigger is Better

The world of hot rods and horsepower commonly utilize the benefits of stroking an engine, and for many performance builders, it’s more commonplace now than ever before.

Break-In Oils

A proper break-in oil is formulated from the ground up to be a break-in oil. Many of the surface-active chemistries that would be in a regular race oil are reduced or removed in a break-in oil.

Building an ASCS Sprint Car Engine

Salina Engine’s primary focus is on racing engines, with its main market being sprint car engines for various sanctioning bodies.

Shop Solutions – July 2019

Industry tips and tricks.

A Wo(man)’s World

We’ve made a conscious effort to give the women of this industry recognition for the great things they are doing in this industry, and it starts with the July 2019 issue of Engine Builder.