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Performance Valve Jobs Are Easy With The Right Tools And Specifications

  It is easy to do a performance three or four angle valve job, but it is very difficult to find a shop to properly do one for you. Well, I will explain to you the proper way to do a great performance valve job either using stones or pre-shaped three or four angle carbide

1999 Machine Shop Labor Costing Study

There are probably few topics of more interest to machine shops and custom engine rebuilders than charges for specific shop labor operations. In January, Automotive Rebuilder surveyed 2,400 machine shop members of the Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA) throughout the U.S., asking for labor charges for 22 basic labor operations performed on two popular engines currently

Machine Shop Market Profile: Machine shops rebuilt an average of 19.4 engines monthly in 1998 compared to 18.29 in 1997

The average number of engines rebuilt by custom engine rebuilders/machine shops rose slightly in production year 1998 compared to production of engines in 1997. Machine shops rebuilt an average of 19.4 engines monthly in 1998 compared to 18.29 in 1997. An extensive survey of machine shops located primarily in the U.S. was conducted by Automotive

There’s No Crankshaft In A Search Engine: Internet Opportunities For Automotive Engine Rebuilders

Surfing the net for fun is one thing. Using it as a tool to grow your business is another. Recently we talked to machine shop owners, as well as a few suppliers, to get their take on Internet opportunities for automotive engine rebuilders. Machine shop Internet usage According to Babcox Publications

Crankshaft Grinding Wheels: Manual Dressing Of The Grinding Wheel Is An Important Factor

Manual dressing of the grinding wheel is an important factor in producing satisfactory work on your crankshaft grinder. The wheel must be dressed each time it is placed on the machine, even though it may not have been removed from the wheel center. Mount the wheel dresser on the grinder table. Bring the rotating grinding