June, 2001 Archives - Engine Builder Magazine
First Issue Of Engine Builder

Welcome to the first issue of Engine Builder magazine. We hope you enjoy the new look as well as our emphasis on providing a closer view of all things engine related. In this issue we cover everything from emerging technology in valvetrain designs to the impact of the transformation of salvage yards on engine builders.

From Tame OE Block To High Performance Monster

The race engine is only as good as its weakest part. There are many ways to build a great high performance engine, but one key is essential: each and every part of that engine must work together to build the "best" power. In this case, "best" power means that the engine does exactly what the

Complying With Clean Air Laws Is Heavy-Duty Proposition

Heavy-duty engine rebuilders have a long and welcome nonhistory with Federal and state clean air agencies. At their inception, the major agencies

Today’s Gasoline Additives Silent Killers Of GM Engines

Over the past several years, I have answered hundreds of questions about engines: "Why does my engine ping? detonate? have its valves stick in their guides? have badly worn exhaust valve seats? Run hot? Make less power than it used to?" The biggest problem engines face today is the fuel. It is unstable because of

Cams, Chains And Gears

Since the earliest days of the internal combustion engine, a crankshaft-driven camshaft has been used to operate the engine

Keeping It Straight

Dialing in an Older Crankshaft Grinding Machine for Taper and Alignment Many machine shop owners who own crankshaft grinding machines have asked me why their machines do not grind true. The most common complaints regard taper in the grind and grinding out of round. However, most machine owners or operators don

Pushing Into High Performance Frontiers

Engine Technology is the Talk of the Town at SuperFlow

Great Scott! Wichlacz Takes Over as AERA Chairman

Wichlacz Takes Over as AERA Chairman Scott Wichlacz’s story begins the way many rebuilders’ stories begin: a young boy tinkering with lawnmower and tractor engines, taking apart the component parts of mechanisms and putting them back together, always knowing that this would be his chosen career. One thing led to another, and Wichlacz moved on

Salvage Yards: From Junkyard Dog to High Tech Heavyweight

Salvage yard. When most people hear those words, they automatically think "junk yard" and may conjure images of the 1970s television show "Sanford and Son." That may have been true of salvage operations in the past, and those junk yards are still around, but today