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Just Imports

At my shop, Import Machine Service in Framingham, MA, we do a lot of flow testing and head porting, and are continually working to improve induction systems. Our work, however, is limited to aluminum only. Because I do work for many racers, I get many requests to do “performance” enhancements. Over the years, Mazda Miatas

Marine Engine Building

Inboard, outboard, jump aboard? The marine market is a profitable niche for some engine builders, but it

13th Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference

For most of my adult life, I have wished that I could have access to the "inner sanctum" of engine building and automotive technology. Then I could get a good look behind the door, talk to the movers and shakers, find answers or opinions for those "what if", or "how do I", questions that always

Pinning Down The Cold Repair Process

Cracks in cylinder heads and blocks present various challenges to rebuilders. When a crack is found a rebuilder must decide what the best method of repair will be. Many machine shops don

2003 Machine Shop Market Profile

2003 Machine Shop Market Profile