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PERA’s Core Corner

In this month’s “Core Corner” I am addressing a potpourri of different issues – some old, some new, but all of them offer something that will keep you out of the “Do Over” column and, of course, profitable. I got the idea from my wife some weeks ago while accompanying her (being dragged) to a

Get Your Shop Together To Be More Efficient, Profitable

Let’s face it; the hardest part about starting each day is being ready to work when the start bell rings. The worst way to start your day is to spend time searching for where you left off the day before. The best way to be ready is to get your shop together. This means that

Machine Shop Market Profile

The engine rebuilding aftermarket continues to change, from the manufacturer through the distribution channels and down to the machine shop and shop customer base. Part 1 of Engine Builder’s Annual Machine Shop Market Profile report reviews critical aspects of this industry. Specific production data on blocks, heads, equipment and cores is included.

Crankshafts and Bearings – Keeping the Relationship Strong

Today’s engines typically have very tight tolerances everywhere and the crankshaft bearings are no exception. The truer the crank is in its alignment with the mainline and cylinder bore, the tighter the tolerances can be. Bearings and mainline bores must be very precise because during operation the crankshaft is not actually straight: it is elastic.

Researching the Rebuilding Market for Multi-Valve Cylinder Heads

Cylinder head work has provided a good income for many of our readers over the years. All engines eventually need a valve job and guide work if they accumulate enough miles. Head work may also be needed if an engine overheats and blows a head gasket, if the head develops a crack, or an OHC

2004 AETC Conference

The 14th annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) saw a return to the Antlers Adam’s Mark, in downtown Colorado Springs, CO, Jan. 8-11. The return to this facility, though higher priced than those used in the recent past, was requested by a poll of last year’s attendees because of the higher quality of the hotel

Showdown Pits Engine Builders Against Themselves

For the 1,500 members of the cheering crowd, the battle was between two teams of professional engine builders, both of which have enjoyed great success building engines for some of NASCAR’s most popular – and successful – drivers. For Lanny Barnes and Mike Maiwald, though, the real challenge wasn’t to beat the other, but NOT