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Timing Chain Selection: And a look at ‘new’ and ‘how to’

The simple timing chain: it has a distinct function, yet constantly changing designs, materials, procedures and refinements make for a part that seems to evolve by the month. With such changes going on, how do we know what chain and gears are the best to use on a particular engine? When the automobile was invented,

Racing Oils Can Offer Extra Power & Protection For Your Performance Engine

Building high performance engines doesn’t come cheap. The components you use cost more, the time you take to build each motor is longer, and paying attention to detail is the name of the game. High performance engines have a very small margin for error when it comes to tolerances and extreme loads, therefore the demand

Line Boring Equipment: A Boring Subject?

But as the British philosopher Bertrand Russell noted, "Change is one thing; progress is another." While some might say the basic techniques for line boring main and cam bearing bores in engine blocks hasn’t changed much in 30 years others say that isn’t such a bad thing. A horizontal boring bar with cutters mounted on