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Engine Blocks & Cylinder Sleeves

In our February 2009 issue, Technical Editor Larry Carley provided a comprehensive overview of the changes in engine blocks over the years. Thanks in part to natural attrition (after all, many of the most popular engines were actually designed and built more than 50 years ago) and the high price for scrap metal in the

2009 Machine Shop Market Profile – Part One

As the debate over bailouts, bankruptcies and generally bad policy concerning the automotive aftermarket continues in Washington, engine builders may well shrug their shoulders and say “welcome to our world.” Now that new car dealers and manufacturers are taking it on the chin because many consumers have apparently decided that “making do is better than

Oil Pump Technology

Oil pressure is something every engine builder worries about. Low oil pressure or a loss of pressure can cause expensive warranty problems and catastrophic engine failures, neither of which is good for your business. Though the “bigger is better” mentality persists, most engines only need about 10 psi of oil pressure for every 1,000 rpm

Grassroots Road Racing: Will They Line Up For Your Engine Expertise?

Are there any opportunities in grassroots road racing? The answer depends on what is being raced. For the most part, track day cars and spec classes are going to offer only a few opportunities for engine builders, but there is a bright side in that you may get to do work for these racers after

Customer Service: Good, Bad or Ugly, It

Normally in this space, we talk about high performance and ways you can expand into the performance market in an effort to continue your company’s success. Well, I’m going to change gears just a little bit and talk about customer service. I originally intended to cover another subject, but recent experiences have led to me