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Rally and Off-Road Racing Engines

Early automobile races were held on horse tracks or dirt covered roads, but then came pavement and over the decades, many racers forgot about dirt. Today, racers who like to kick dirt will tell you there’s a whole other world of racing in the off-road market. Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but getting dirty

Fuel For Thought About Diesel Formulations

Being in the diesel business the one complaint I hear most often from diesel owners is the famous question, “Why is diesel fuel so expensive?” After all, diesel fuel is not as high up the refinement ladder as gasoline. Consumers understand this and often wonder why there is a difference in price. The question can

Cylinder Sleeves and Liners

Iron sleeves provide a wear-resistant surface for the piston rings, and they don’t have to be very thick because they are supported by the surrounding block. Cast iron blocks, by comparison, don’t need cylinder sleeves because the iron is hard enough to resist ring wear. If a cylinder is cracked, damaged or worn to the

2010 Machine Shop Market Profile Part 1

Of course, Hollywood is always making predictions about the future that don’t come true. Where are the colonies on the Moon??Cures for all major diseases?  And what about those flying cars we’ve been promised? This being real life, bold predictions can be fun to anticipate, but it’s the little changes that often have the biggest

The Evolution of Diesel Piston Designs

Traditionally, diesel engines are known for their long life, fuel economy and efficiency in getting large loads from place to place. Diesel engines are equal to gasoline engines in horsepower per cubic inch, and they have double the torque of gasoline engines and can achieve up to 40 percent better fuel economy, making them ideal

Cleaning Up In The Shop

In fact, it can be very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis of what’s wrong with an engine until it’s clean. You may be able to recognize some failed parts, you can often see large cracks or obvious damage, but you’re really only assuming you know what caused a failure if you can’t see for

A View From The Summit

Though they have no moving parts, weigh virtually nothing and rarely, if ever, are seen by the motoring public, the engine bearing may be one of the most important yet least understood parts under the hood. In this spirit, we invited participants from the leading bearing manufacturers to participate in a roundtable discussion on pre-determined