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One Minute Might Save You Thirty!

The call, one of hundreds made every day,  goes something like this: “Hello. This is Billy-Joe-Bob, can I help you?” “Yeah Billy, this is Hank with Smith Machine. I’m working on an F-150 with a 4.6 and I need some parts.” “OK, Hank. I have several Smith Machines, do you know your account number?” “No.”

Oiling System Technology

Oil is the lifeblood of every engine. Any significant loss of oil pressure can destroy an engine in a split second so the oiling system must provide a constant supply of oil under all operating conditions.   With performance engines, keeping the engine lubed with a steady supply of oil can be a challenge because

Performance Diesel: The New Hot Rods

With all of the bolt-on diesel components that are available on the market these days, why would you get into offering performance engine rebuilds for the diesel market? I’m sure you are asking yourself this question every time you get a call from someone with a diesel engine asking how they can get more power. But believe

Performance Diesel: Turbos & Tuning

There is nothing more fast and furious than the roar of a turbo engine when it is finely tuned and performing efficiently on all levels. Whether pulling gear with the diesel truck or revving the street hot rod, making the most out of the turbo is crucial to most engine builders. As the consumer’s appetite

Super Comp Drag Racing

There are no rules for engine size, but engine builders should look to build for consistency in this class What does it take to build a winning engine for Super Comp drag racing? The Super Comp drag racing class runs on a 8.90 time limit, with essentially no rules regarding engine displacement, carburetion or type

Sleeves & Liners

I often hear customers ask about the difference between a sleeve and a liner. It’s an understandable question. Automotive guys call them sleeves and diesel guys call them liners. And while they may be used for similar purposes, the perception of what they do may be very different among different groups. Many automotive enthusiasts understand

Knowing You, Knowing Me

For almost 30 years now, Engine Builder has been asking the professionals in this industry about business. We ask you for detailed information on how much you charge, how much you make, how much you spend and how much you have left over.   We compile all of this information into several different reports each

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: June 2013

Removing Stubborn Dowel Pins Do you ever have solid dowel pins that are worn or tapered, and the slap hammer slips off no matter how tight you make it? Add a dab of valve lapping compound to the dowel pin. It works wonders. Most of the time the pin slaps right out. Jeffrey Myers MAR

2013 Machine Shop Market Profile Part 1

Since that time, a lot of things have changed at this magazine and in this industry. What hasn’t changed is the fact that we have consistently surveyed the same machine shop/custom engine rebuilder (CER) population to get a snapshot of this industry from the experts – you, the engine rebuilder. Numbers can give a cold,