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Reducing VOCs In The Shop

Well, here we are again, talking about howto reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in your shop. It’ssurprising, in light of today’s regulatory environment, to seehow many businesses still don’t even think or care about the subject…butit’s an important part of our business lives. In some states it seems that VOCs are likea red flag held

Shot Blasting Equipment Maintenance: Simple Does Not Mean Maintenance-Free

The technology of hurling steel or glass shotat more than 100 mph is pretty simple. But in the world of shotblasting machines, simple does not mean maintenance-free. Theessence of these machines, no matter what their design, is thatclean core parts come at the price of dramatic wear-down of media,as well as wear to machine components

Diesel Dialog: The Nature Of The Diesel Aftermarket Has Become Increasingly Competitive

In recent years, the nature of the diesel aftermarket has becomeincreasingly competitive. Many of the bread-and-butter enginesthat diesel shops have focused on have become so common that thefactory replacement parts and reman engines available leave littleprofit to be made by the machine shop trying to stay competitive. Oneimportant factor in this equation is the OEM’s

Rebuilt Market Reviews – Clutches Market: New Rules And A Changing Field Of Players.

Anybody who’s in the clutch rebuildingbusiness today knows that it’s an entirely different ball game,one with new rules and a changing field of players. A proliferation of new passenger carand light truck clutches in recent years, plus an influx of low-costnew clutches from offshore manufacturers, has driven the costof new clutches down to the point

Rebuilt Market Reviews – Electrical Market

Though the overall demand for rebuilt alternatorsand starters continues to be relatively soft, particularly inthe Midwest and Northeastern parts of the United States, sales,in general, have been up in the South. Weather seems to play a major role in driving the demand for electricalproducts. Cold winters are hard on starters and hot summers increasealternator failures.

Rebuilt Market Reviews – Brakes Market: Rebuilders And Suppliers Chant The Same Mantra

When it comes to current trendsin the brake rebuilding market, rebuilders and suppliers chantthe same mantra – "price" and "quality." Bothare the primary forces driving parts and equipment suppliers’and rebuilders’ business.Consumers demand the best performingmaterials, but of course, at the lowest possible price. Unfortunately,say many rebuilders and their suppliers, an uneducated publicseems to believe that

Rebuilt Market Reviews – Electronics Market

If flexibility and the ability to quicklydiversify are the marks of a successful rebuilder, then Denver,CO-based electronics rebuilding specialists, cciUPTIME, was destinedfor this industry. cciUPTIME remanufactures electronic controlmodules (ECMs) for Mercedes-Benz and other high-end import vehicles.These units include everything from on-board computers to climatecontrol, cruise control, idle speed control, ignition control,seat control and instrument motherboard

Rebuilt Market Reviews – Cores Market: The Perfect Example Of Supply And Demand,

In some businesses, the classic law of supplyand demand is hard to identify. But that’s not the case in thecore business. "The core market is the perfect example ofsupply and demand," comments John Lathan, plant engineerat The Hastings Co., a rebuilder in King, NC. "When one companyis looking for a hard-to-get part, everybody else is,

Rebuilt Market Reviews – Engines Market

Total engines remanufactured by all productionengine remanufacturers (PERs) in 1995 increased a modest 3.5%,growing to 1.318 million units last year compared to 1.273 millionunits produced in 1994. Production totals are based on a U.S.and Canadian universe of 120 PERs that produced an average of10,609 remanufactured engines annually in 1995. Survey results were tabulated following mailing

Cv Market Travels Fast Track: Power To The Front Wheels Is The Drive System Of The Present And Future

Although sport utility vehicles, many stillwith rear wheel drive, are the hot sellers right now, few willdispute that power to the front wheels is the drive system ofthe present and future. A market for rebuilt front wheel driveaxles and CV joints will be around for a long, long time. With few exceptions, CV shaft rebuilders

Engine Installation – A Growing Opportunity?

Engine rebuilders who are looking to expand their share of themarket may want to consider engine installations. Although somerebuilders may think installations are better left untouched,others are finding installations provide a profitable niche ina competitive market. Terry O’Donnell, manager of RPM Engines andMachines, Rohnert Park, CA, is just one of many rebuilders inthe industry who

Grinding Techniques: In Thousands Of Years, The Basics Of Grinding Haven’t Changed

Grinding is one of the oldest methods known for shaping and sharpeningobjects. It was first used in prehistoric times to make weaponsand other tools by rubbing wood, stones, bones and eventuallymetal against hard, abrasive rocks. In thousands of years, thebasics of grinding haven’t changed. We’re still rubbing an abrasiveagainst metal to change its shape or