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Waste Minimization: Ways To Reduce, And Even Eliminate, Hazardous Wastes From Your Cleaning Process

Managing your shop’s wastes shouldn’t be hazardous to your business.Although there is a lot involved with managing wastes from cleaningoperations including operating costs to disposal requirements,the good news for rebuilders is that there are ways to reduce,and even eliminate, hazardous wastes from your cleaning process. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), materialsand wastes of

1997 Shop Kinks

Machine shops and custom engine rebuilders are, and always havebeen, a resourceful group. Our industry was founded on the principalof bringing component parts from a condition of disrepair to onethat offers equivalent performance to that of a new part. Rebuilt engines offer cost savings and performance benefits thatcan not be found with any other products,

Building Horsepower Through Dyno Testing

Pick up a copy of any racing-oriented automotive publication andas you thumb through its pages you’ll notice a smorgasbord ofads from engine builders. Most of them will have an assortmentof horsepower figures large enough to rival the national debt. Of course, all the numbers are suspect because, in most cases,they were obtained on the advertisers’

Can We Expand Demand: There Is A Better Alternative To Buying Or Leasing A New Or Used Car

Can the engine rebuilding industry increase the size of the marketfor replacement remanufactured engines over the next several years?Can engine rebuilders and their parts and equipment suppliersexpand consumer awareness about a rebuilt engine being a preferredalternative to buying or leasing a new car or truck, or installinga used engine? Chuck Barnett, president of Dura-Bond Bearing

Niche Market Opportunities

In today’s highly competitive market, it makes sense to constantlybe on the lookout for new opportunities. Information on the marketsdescribed in this article may provide some new business prospectsfor those shops not already involved with them. However, rebuildersshould constantly be prospecting for other niche markets for theirexisting products or services. There are potentially many products

Valvetrains: Better Materials & Design

Pushrods would seem to be an endangered species these days, atleast as far as most new engine designs are concerned. The onlybrand new engines built in recent years with a pushrod valvetrainhave been Chrysler’s 8.0L V10 for the Viper and Dodge Ram, andGeneral Motors new "LS1" 5.7L small block V8. All therest have either been

Ford’s 4G Alternator: IAR Series & The New 4G

When one considers the Ford IAR series of alternators,then examines the new 4G alternator, it seems that Ford went overboardto correct all the problems with the IAR series. The IAR series was designed for rapid assemblyand disassembly with plenty of snap-on connectors and mountinghardware. With this design approach came problems, particularlywith the burnt out B-S-S

Extending Hd Clutch Life: Proper Analysis Is Critical For Evaluation Of Manufacturing Process Control

Proper analysis of failed clutch componentsis critical for evaluation of manufacturing process control, productlife expectancy and warranty analysis. Rebuilt products whichare application and installer sensitive are easily blamed forfailures which may actually be the result of an installation error,poor maintenance procedures, or an improper application identification. In the evaluation of failed heavy duty clutches,the majority

Blasting Technology: This Cost-Effective Cleaning Procedure Has Improved

When it comes to parts cleaning by blasting,the idea of propelling abrasives at parts to clean them of rust,carbon, paint or other difficult contaminants is a simple one.But the technology involved with this cost-effective cleaningprocedure has improved, and rebuilders can take advantage of manyoptions to eliminate out-dated, labor-intensive cleaning practicesin the shop. Scott Christiansen of

Power Investments, Inc.: Building An Empire In The Rebuilding Industry

Mike Jarvis, 53, president of Power Investments,Inc., is quietly building an empire in the rebuilding industry.If you want proof, just take a look at his frequent flyer miles(he’s averaged about 2,500 business miles per week over the pastfour years), and the fact that company growth has averaged between12-18% per year, mostly through acquisitions, since 1983.

Power Steering Pumps and Gearboxes

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplacethe quest for additional profits is of paramount importance notonly for continued growth and success, but for the survival ofthe company itself. This is particularly true for undercarriagespecialists such as CV axle and rack-and-pinion rebuilders. Niche market diversification can accomplisheconomic and strategic objectives that will not only improve the"profitable" cash flow

Rebuilding The Chrysler Engine Family

Much of the information used to write thisarticle was provided by Bruce Chapman, president, and the employeesof Ontario Reman, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Ontario Reman isan authorized Chrysler engine rebuilder selling remanufacturedengines and small parts to Canadian Chrysler dealers. We thankthem! Chrysler introduced a whole new family of 60degree V6 engines beginning with the 3.3L OHV