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Cleaning Aluminum

"Ten years ago, when there wasn’t that much aluminum, people were scared," said Mike Wigert, sales manager of spraywasher manufacturer LS Industries. "They didn’t know how to regulate their ovens, they didn’t know which chemicals to use, and they were tarnishing their aluminum parts, and probably ended up hand cleaning a lot of them," he

Knees In The Breeze: Motorcycles…It

If you listen close, you can hear the approaching thunder. It

Valve Material Heat Treatments

Glad to see you came back after that heavy-duty stuff I threw at you last time. This time it won

Performance Market Niche Specialists: There Has Been A Rebirth In Street Performance

The performance market is hot these days. No doubt about it. Motorsports is the number one spectator sport in America. Millions of people not only attend professional auto racing events all around the country, but are avid viewers of racing on cable and broadcast television. What

Selling To The Price Shopper: How Far Should You Go?

The things you overhear on crowded buses! While attending two recent rebuilding conventions, I had the opportunity to discuss many of the industry

Inside Nitrous Oxide Engines

The recreational use of nitrous oxide as a horsepower-enhancing compound first came into prominence in the 1960s. But its first application to internal combustion engines was for far more deadly purposes. During World War II, the Germans reportedly were the first to install nitrous oxide systems on their fighter planes. The Allies soon followed and

Valve, Guide and Seat Repair Options

Valve, guide and seat repairs are the cornerstones of rebuilding cylinder heads. It makes no difference if the head is a 350 Chevy or one with dual overhead cams and four-valves-per-cylinder. The basics of refinishing the valves, guides and seats are essentially the same. The newer high tech heads will usually have smaller parts, the

Testing Rebuilt Power Steering Components: The “Zero Defect” System

Defective returns. These two words have many undesirable connotations to the power steering rebuilder. Starting with a replacement part request, other claims could be forthcoming. These range from labor for removal and reinstallation, which can sometimes exceed three hours, to and including alignment, possible towing charges, rental car and even product liability expenses. These claims

Message From Incoming PERA President Jim Ormsby

Sometimes we need to exceed even our own expectations. That’s the message from Jim Ormsby, incoming Production Engine Remanufacturers Assoc-iation (PERA) president and current general manager of Franklin Power Products, a production engine remanufacturer (PER) located in Franklin, IN. They’re words that all PERA members should take to heart if they wish to re-energize shrinking

Valve Alloys-What Makes Them So Special?

Those of us who have been in the valve business all of our career tend to forget that everybody else hasn

The Aqueous Alternative: Cleaning Is The Cornerstone Of Every Rebuilding Operation

Cleaning is the cornerstone of every rebuilding operation, be it a small one or two man shop or a large scale production facility. Dirt, oil, grease, carbon and other contaminants must all be removed from components that are being processed so they can be inspected, machined and restored to like-new condition. Additional cleaning may also