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Blowin’ Smoke; Internal Combustion Not Going Away

Government regulations"

To The Future – And Beyond

If there is one thing the future of the industry depends on more than anything else it is highly educated and trained machinists and technicians. As tomorrow

Critical Cam Event Criteria

I just know someone is going to ask what qualifies me to write on this subject so let

Repairing a Rod Journal on a Callies Aftermarket Forging

During more than 30 years in my small but comfortable shop, I have repaired thousands of crankshafts by welding. One thing I have learned in that time is that when a customer brings a crank to be repaired, you must take note of exactly what type of crankshaft you will be working on. Many of

Diversify or Disappear

When Brad Bawel went away to college to become a teacher, it didn

Rebuilding Chrysler’s 2.0L Engine

When Chrysler introduced the Neon in

Surfacing Equipment Can Increase Horsepower

If your shop is in the business of selling performance, especially to street and/or moderately budget-constrained clientele, then some of the best free advertising you can get is by word of mouth from satisfied customers. Often this can be no further away than taking advantage of a few simple machining operations and explaining to your

Cost Cutting, But Not At Expense Of Customer Relations

Having spent my teenage years primarily in the late

Around the Block: Fuel Cell Alternatives And The Myth of Clean Energy

For most of our existence, human beings have used their muscles or domesticated animals to move around, lift and carry things. Our bodies process, via respiration (breathing), Earth

Feeling The Need For Speed After All These Years

In his book "They Call Me Mister 500" (1969, Henry Regnery Co.), Andy Granatelli weaves tale after fascinating tale of what it was like to be one of the pioneers of the performance automotive industry. Before he was "Mister 500," before the days of the STP Pit Crew Pajamas and long before Mario Andretti gave

Bench Racing and Dyno Testing

Business has been flat to down for many engine builders and their suppliers over the past year or more. However, there was still a great deal of interest from 140 registered attendees at the 12th annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) in Colorado Springs, CO, held late last year at the Sheraton Colorado Springs Hotel.