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Hog Wild In The Heartland

For a state that offers only five months

Sonic Testers: A Surefire Method Of Detecting Metal Treasure

Most of you have probably seen those TV commercials for metal detectors and the subtle suggestions that they could help you find a fortune in buried treasure. Maybe

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The planned demise of all LA Chrysler engine configurations was already in the wind for some time when the Power Tech 4.7L SOHC engine was introduced in the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 1999. Not only was it the first clean sheet design V8 for Chrysler in 41 years, but it was the first full production

Profit Center: The 80/20 Rule

I know I

Engine Cleaning Options In a Water World

Aqueous cleaning equipment has gained a solid foothold in today

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Attempting to make sense of what does not make sense, and explaining or defining the impossible was the theme of a show long before Tom Cruise made Mission: Impossible famous. In the original, the same team kept pulling off impossible missions put before them, hence the title. Well, we are going to try and do

Around the Block

At a recent technical presentation by a respected representative of a piston ring supplier, things got a little out of hand when it was suggested that half of all independent aftermarket machine shops may be either out of date and ill-equipped or misinformed as far as cylinder finish is concerned. The reason? Because the OEMs

Piston Rings and Sealing

Though piston rings haven

Rebuilding The Ford 2.0L

  The old 1.9L was modified and upgraded in the process of making it into the 2.0L. The new engine was bored and stroked, it had siamesed cylinders that made the block stronger and quieter, the crank had four more counterweights that made it run smoother, and it had domed pistons for more compression. The

Shop Equipment Can Serve Niche Markets

Ever since man first rubbed two sticks together to make a fire and then sharpened the first stick so he could hunt with it, we have been coming up with new ways to use old tools. When it comes to your machine shop equipment, today

YOU can’t afford NOT to buy new equipment, Milt Zall

The big news is the passage of new tax legislation, the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRA). Congressional conferees on May 22 cobbled together a $350 billion economic stimulus package that President Bush signed into law. A major feature of JGTRA for engine builders is an increase in the expensing allowance

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