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The Constant of Change

Although "change" is a frightening word to many people, reasons Yamato Engine Specialists’ Asiff Dhanani, there’s simply no point in questioning it. Of all the "sure things" in business, the only certainty is that situations definitely change. Dhanani, incoming president of PERA explains that the change in this industry is not new. Things have been

According to a survey conducted for AutoZone, Americans will pay up to around $2,500 before giving up on a car.

  Quick question for you: if the car you drove to work today suddenly needed repairs, how much would be too much for you to spend fixing it? At what point would you slap a "For Sale" sign on it and head to the new car lot? According to a survey conducted for AutoZone, Americans

2003 Machine Shop Market Profile

2003 Machine Shop Market Profile

Pinning Down The Cold Repair Process

Cracks in cylinder heads and blocks present various challenges to rebuilders. When a crack is found a rebuilder must decide what the best method of repair will be. Many machine shops don

13th Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference

For most of my adult life, I have wished that I could have access to the "inner sanctum" of engine building and automotive technology. Then I could get a good look behind the door, talk to the movers and shakers, find answers or opinions for those "what if", or "how do I", questions that always

Marine Engine Building

Inboard, outboard, jump aboard? The marine market is a profitable niche for some engine builders, but it

Just Imports

At my shop, Import Machine Service in Framingham, MA, we do a lot of flow testing and head porting, and are continually working to improve induction systems. Our work, however, is limited to aluminum only. Because I do work for many racers, I get many requests to do “performance” enhancements. Over the years, Mazda Miatas

Flow Boxes

Over the years, I have had occasion to port cylinder heads when I had no prior experience with that particular casting. The results have not always been as good as I would have liked them to be, but with only one head or one pair of heads available to work with, the development opportunities were

Machine Maintenance

In this column we

Old Iron

You know that customer? The one who waited not at all patiently while you found the parts, got the machine work done, and finally assembled his vintage or performance engine? The one who appeared to be in substantial pain when he wrote that $4,000 check and grudgingly tossed it on the counter with trembling hands?

Shop Financials

"Gap analysis" is a unique process geared toward finding inefficient day-to-day routines or uncovering those that create inefficiencies. Gap analysis measures every minute throughout the day for every person in the company, from executive to entry-level, from start of the day to the end of the day. Any minute found that is not geared toward