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Heat Treating Processes

Heat-treating is defined as the controlled heating and cooling of a metal in order to change its physical and mechanical properties without changing its shape. A material often hardens or changes characteristics as a result of some sort of process that has been performed, such as machining or welding and is therefore an unintended consequence

Performance Valves

The power that an engine produces depends to a large extent on how much air it flows. The larger the engine’s displacement in cubic inches, the more air it pumps with every stroke and the more horsepower it makes. Rpms also make power. In theory, doubling the engine’s speed doubles its power output. Rev an

Engine Parts ETs Drop From Inspiration to Installation

It’s a simple process for those down in the trenches. An engine builder will make a phone call or click on a computer and within days, the latest parts show up at his shop, ready to be installed. But the traditional Stork method of delivery notwithstanding, exactly where do new engine parts actually come from?

Aluminum Cleaning & Machining

Steel may still be the big dog when it comes to the content of the world’s motor vehicles, but aluminum usage in cars and trucks continues to increase. Fueled by the desire to save weight, time and energy, aluminum is gaining ground with manufacturers of parts and components. How does the use of aluminum in

PERA’S Core Corner: Ford 4.6L Front Cover Inquiries Top Year-End Wish List

Well, here it is the end of the year and, as I write this, the Midwest has just experienced its first major snowfall. Many of us are still digging out, with dire consequences for some, and school closings for thousands of children who are jumping up and down with joy. Remember when things were that

Old Iron, To Satisfy Vintage Engine Buyers, Go The Extra Mile

Here’s the scene: You’ve just completed the machine work and assembly of a fine vintage engine. It may be for a restoration or a hot rod or a custom. You may have rattle-canned the block and heads and maybe wrapped it up in a baggie. To you, knowing that function is primary, the job is

Briggs & Stratton Race Engines

Briggs & Stratton may not sound much like a racing pedigree to anyone not involved in karting, but to those in the know, it’s a name that carries great power and respect. Most engine builders are probably familiar with Briggs & Stratton engines, but not in racing applications – your lawnmower or other garden equipment

Machine Maintenance: There’s Nothing Boring About Boring Bar Maintenance

You know the feeling: the machine you want, you can’t afford, and the machine you can afford you already have. Don’t you wish, just once, you could call up the sales representative and say “My turn, send me one of those new ‘XYZ’ machines?” You know the kind, the new state-of-the-art machining center that can

Performance Notes: Cashing In On Power Adders: Blowers, Turbos, Nitrous

The demand for high performance vehicles has never been stronger. A good indicator is that automakers are turning out more powerful models with each successive new car introduction. Remember when 500 horsepower was a pretty good number for a race motor? Today you can purchase a number of vehicles that eclipse 500hp, from a Z06

PERA’S Core Corner: When It Comes To ‘How Clean,’ Do You Really Know?

Ever notice how many commercials there are in our environment about cleaning? Cleaning your floors, toilets, counter tops, disinfecting everything and anything that you come into contact with. In fact even the air that we breathe needs to be cleaned. Spin that out to the vehicles that we drive. You know they have to be

Diesel Drag Racing, Compression Ignition Engines Smoke The Strip

It is one of the purest forms of American motorsports. One guy pulls up next to another guy at the starting line and revs the engine. A simple glance over, a nod and a green light. In a fury of sound and smoke, the two racers take off down the straight stretch of pavement. If

Marine Engine Building, Is It For You?

Engine builders who do passenger car and light truck engines, diesel engines and performance engines, are often looking for new market niches where they can expand their business and add new customers. For some, marine engine building may seem like a tempting niche. The marine engine market is relatively healthy, though highly competitive. Some rebuilders