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Getting Into The Niche: Engine Builders Corner Their Markets

In our industry, specialty niche markets can also be the key to steadily growing your business. Motorsports is a very broad market but when you drill down into the various categories of racing, there are many smaller markets that make up the sport. Drag racing and circle track markets may be among the most recognized

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Nathan Sheets, marketing manager for Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, explains that the company today offers engine building, engine and chassis tuning components and installation for vehicle owners; component product development; services to manufacturers, aftermarket and original equipment suppliers; prototype and preparation of product development vehicles; late product life-cycle performance improvements; durability testing; and show and media

Updating The Late Model Hemi

At the time of our build a new 6.1L was around $1,000 from Mopar. This is definitely reasonably priced but we really planned to stick to a budget and did not know what we would be up against. One thing that really threw a wrench into things was – just for giggles – we entered

Classic Muscle: Kammer & Kammer Make Mopar Magic

Most of the time, amateur racers are customers at the nationally known Kammer & Kammer Mopar High Performance Shop in Dayton, OH. Kammer says his business consists of about 65 percent racing and 35 percent street performance, and the most important thing he provides is a good relationship between himself and his customer. “When I

Engine Rebuilding Technical Guide 2010

November 2010      Chrysler 3.3/3.8L The 3.3L/3.8L 60 degree V6 engines were designed to provide good torque over a broad range, reasonable fuel economy and long life. Their reputation over the years as versatile performers has been well-deserved, and they’re still doing a good job after nearly two years. Contributing Editor Doug Anderson explains

Karting Engine Market and Technology

Experts say that the situation isn’t getting any easier for flathead lovers because many parts and pieces, such as flywheels and sump covers, are not manufactured anymore. There are, however, some replacement parts on the market that are manufactured in China such as sheet metal and valves. Burris now makes most of the pistons for

Nailing Down The Buick Nailhead

Likethe Small Block Chevy, the Rocket 88 Olds, the Ford Flathead and the ChryslerHemi, the Buick Nailhead engine is one of those that has the immortal smell ofhistory all over it.   Yet,unlike its more familiar brothers, cousins and even competitors, the Nailheadhas an aura of mystery about it as well.   TheNailhead had a

Build Your Own Competition-Worthy 600 HP Engine

Last month, we introduced you to the UMP Modified racing engine being built by the engine experts at Earnhardt Childress Racing in Welcome, NC. The engine – a 600 hp, 411 cid plant built for UMP Dirtcar Modifed competition – will be awarded to the winner of the Sunnen Rev It UP Raffle at the

Can Diesel Performance Help Boost Your Business?

Most people associate diesel engines with truck and tractor pulling events, not traditional motorsports. There are no diesel-powered NASCAR races or Indy cars. But diesels are making inroads in other types of racing. Diesel-powered race cars and trucks are setting land speed records at Bonneville, winning endurance races at LeMans, and running over 200 mph

Connecting Rods and Bearings

Selecting connecting rods and rod bearings for an engine is a lot more complicated when you are modifying the engine from stock specifications. OEMs spend a lot of time and money developing the components that go into a stock engine, and cost is usually a factor in what components are used. Rod bearings also play

Diesel Performance: Camshafts, Lifters and Valvetrain

Diesel performance is nothing new. What is new is the level of interest in diesels for all kinds of racing; everything from traditional truck and tractor pulling to drag racing, even sports car and endurance racing. Diesel engines are a different type of animal when compared to gasoline engines. While both use the same four-stroke

Heavy-Duty Diesel: Big Opportunity, Big Challenges

One of the most sought-after status symbols in America is a pickup truck with a Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke engine. The expectation continues that diesel automotive engines will soon find their way in larger numbers to our shores. A rebounding economy should help get trucks moving again and recapture some lost maintenance dollars. First, what