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Matthew and Daniella Schroeder know what it’s like to make something out of nothing. They have managed to turn Matt’s Motor Worx, located in Montevideo, MN, into a diverse and thriving business that started with just four bare walls. Matt learns a lot from owning and driving a late model dirt stock car, and this

Using OBD To Solve Post-Rebuild Drivability Problems

I work with a lot of shops in my area, so it

Choosing Performance Camshafts

[email protected] Americans are very enthusiastic about their automobiles. Therefore, when they purchase, rebuild or even imagine their dream cars, a tremendous effort is put forth to make sure it is exactly what they want. Because the engine is arguably the most significant element in the performance of the car, it is very important that the

Aluminum Cleaning: A Small Shop’s Perspective

By David and Jerry McLain Contributing Editors [email protected] Engine Builder magazine asked a specialist in rebuilding aluminum cylinder heads to detail his approach to cleaning. Many rebuilders today still struggle with cleaning aluminum properly, i.e., cleaned effectively with no damage to the head. Chemical, aqueous and heat cleaning are all methods used by engine builders

Productivity Survey Results

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Crystal Ball Gazing With A Reality Orientation

Is business improving during the first quarter of 2002? Depends on whom you talk to. An unscientific survey of several parts and equipment suppliers with whom I have spoken over the past two weeks indicates that business was noticeably better in January than in November or December of 2001. Several also said business has remained

Why Doesn’t Anybody Want EREF’s Cash?

Seen anybody running around the streets of your town or across your television stations wearing a suit covered with brightly colored question marks? You know the guy: he promises that the U.S. Government