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PERA’s Core Corner: Learn To Read The Bumps On GM Gen III Heads

Back a couple of hundred years ago, some brilliant thinkers believed that the bumps on your head could be used to diagnose your health or predict personality traits. Using the psuedo-science “Phrenology,” advocates would feel your scalp and tell you if you were a genius or a criminal (please, no amateur diagnoses based on the

Engine Bearings: Stock & Performance

The importance of the engine’s bearings can’t be over-emphasized. The bearings support the crankshaft and connecting rods, and in pushrod engines also the camshaft. The bearings provide a surface for the friction-reducing oil film that allows the parts to spin without rubbing metal against metal. It’s a tough job because of the high loads created

The Latest in TIG Welding Techniques & Equipment

Like the swallows coming back to Capistrano, the monarch butterflies finding the same wintering site in Mexico generation after generation or the buzzards returning faithfully to Hinckley, OH, in my neck of the woods, I am back with an annual March update on TIG welding in general and welding aluminum cylinder heads and other engine

The Mid-range Diesel Engine Market

The diesel engine market is a very complex one, but it can be broken down into three basic categories: light-, medium- and heavy-duty. These categories could then be broken down further into on-highway, off-highway and agricultural. In 2004 roughly 1.5 million new diesel engines were produced in North America, a whopping 79.6 percent of which

Has Hot Honing Cooled Off?

No matter how perfectly straight and round it may be when it is machined, a cylinder bore will change shape when cylinder heads are installed and when the engine reaches normal operating temperatures. During a presentation at the 2002 PRI Show, the subject of “Hot Honing” caused a tremendous stir of excitement among performance engine

Gessford Machine, 2004 Machine Shop of the Year

If you asked a roomful of people to make a list of the 20 most exciting cities in the world, you would probably find New York, London, Paris, Rome and Beijing on every list. While the exact order and final tally of cities might vary, it’s unlikely that Hastings, NE, would even be mentioned. But