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Rebuilding The Ford 4.6L

That’s good news for rebuilders, because most of them are in vehicles that are worth fixing when they need an engine, but there’s some bad news, too. Ford has made a lot of changes over the years, so building the right engine can be a challenge. In fact, if you include the front cover with

PERA’s Core Corner: Updating Your Understanding Of Chrysler’s NGC

Last November’s Core Corner, titled “Understanding Chrysler’s Next Generation Controllers” (November 2005 Engine Builder, page 24) did not include any images of the different cam gears since all you needed to know for identification was that “NGC” was stamped on the gears in question. REPLACEMENT CHART Note: SBEC means Single Board Engine Controller (passenger car

Old Iron: Old Gaskets And Seals Won’t Stop Vintage Job Profits

It has been a long time, but I still remember – despite the snow on the roof. I had to go through a flathead Ford to try and seal it up and clean the engine for a restoration project. This was about 35 years ago. At the time I found fairly quickly that when it

Performance Notes, How To Compete With The Crate Motor Business

If you are a regular reader of the performance automotive consumer magazines you may have spotted a trend – many of the feature cars and tech articles are focused on crate motors. To an engine builder specializing in custom high performance engines, and for engine builders looking to get into the performance arena, this could

Head and Block Resurfacing

Resurfacing cylinder heads and engine blocks is an essential aspect of engine building today, whether the work is being done by a production engine rebuilder, a high performance specialist or small custom shop. Bimetal engines, multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets and tighter assembly tolerances make accurate surfacing more critical than ever before. The key to

Growing Your Agricultural Engine Business

Most automotive machine shops and engine builders are familiar with cars and trucks as a market for their services. In fact, for many shops, these two markets are their lifeblood. A look at other markets, however, is always worthwhile and any industry that uses equipment powered by an internal combustion engine should be a prospective

Tuning in to the Sport Compact Market

While the American muscle car segment is getting a shot in the arm with the Mustang, Charger, GTO and others, the sport compact market is not going away any time soon. Much has been said about the possible demise of this once fast-growing market but according to some manufacturers there is still plenty of business