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Core Corner: Finding Your Direction With The Northstar

I’ll be honest, it’s had me baffled. Even I’ve struggled to understand why I would put much research effort into the casting proliferation of this engine. My perception was, "Who in his right mind would spend the money to put a reman engine into a car that is so old?" Yet, jump up onto

Old Iron, Good Carbs And Bad Carbs

Recently I’ve been inside a few carbs. I found myself first forgetting that things have changed and then developing a real nostalgia for the old days when this was a lot less difficult. If you still have any small thought that slapping a quick kit into an old carb will be the end of it,

Stroker Engine Kits

For more than 50 years the old saying “There’s no substitute for cubic inches” has been the credo of nearly every racer and hot rodder. Whoever created this unwritten universal law could never have imagined to what extremes today’s speed enthusiasts would take it. Now, unless you have a 420cid-plus small-block or a 550cid-plus big-block

Pumped Up For Peformance Oiling Systems

Most OE engines use a wet sump system, which can be modified for performance applications to improve oil control and increase horsepower. A dry sump system, on the other hand, has been specifically designed for performance applications and is mainly used at the higher levels of racing where oil control is critical for producing maximum

Dynamometers and Dyno Operating Systems

The data collected while an engine is running on a dyno can be analyzed to maximize the power gains from various modifications (changes in the fuel mixture, ignition timing, valve timing, compression, the induction system, exhaust system, etc.). Performance engine builders use dynos to measure horsepower and torque so they can optimize engine performance. By

Rebuilding The Chrysler 2.4L

Chrysler replaced its old SOHC four cylinders with an all-new family of SOHC and DOHC engines in 1995. There were 2.0L SOHC and DOHC versions, along with a 2.4L DOHC that was installed in the FWD cars and minivans. Add seven different head castings that came with and without EGR and A.I.R. and throw in