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Stroker Motor Opportunities: Love the One You’re With

Let’s face it: there are only so many 340 Chryslers, Boss 302s, 427 medium risers and 440 Six-pack engines out there. Luckily, many combinations of less-familiar engine components are readily available and can rescue you from the cookie cutter mentality. A quick inspection of a few of the many forged piston manufacturers’ catalogs reveals a

Rebuilding the Chrysler 3.3L / 3.8L Engine

Before we run through the changes, though, here’s a quick overview of the 3.3L and 3.8L engines:   (download the illustrated pdf here)   • They’re conventional 60 degree V6 motors with iron blocks and aluminum heads, including some castings that are shared by both engines and some that aren’t.   • The differences between

What’s New with Oil Pumps, Pickups and Pans

The two greatest concerns from a lubrication standpoint are dry starts and loss of oil pressure while the engine is running. Dry starts are more of a worry in engines that have front-mounted oil pumps with relatively long pickup tubes, which includes such popular engines as the GM 3800 V6, Chrysler 3.5L V6, etc. as

CNC?Head Porting & Machining Centers

The fact that CNC machines have come down in price over the years, coupled with less complicated interfacing systems means that today they can be used by nearly anyone. You don’t have to relearn everything. You don’t have to take endless courses on how to make a tool change. Today’s machines are sophisticated and savvy

Building a Late Model Hemi Stroker

What is the purpose of stroking a motor? The answer is simple: to obtain more cubic inches. And in today’s economic times, it’s always best to achieve “more” with less – as in less money. The key word to many stroker enthusiasts today is “budget”. However, the word “budget” has a way of being interpreted