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Unlocking LS Stroker Engine Potential

Editor’s Note: Our March 2013 Issue will feature the 6th Annual Engine Builder Stroker Guide with a detailed listing, broken down by engine, of the components and part numbers currently available. Be sure to stay tuned! Modifying the LS for more power is as easy as falling off a log, to a point, then some

Rebuilding the Chevy 3.4L/3.5L Engine

(Download the illustrated pdf here) We’re going to take a look at two of these engines, including both versions of the latest 3.4L that was used in the Chevy Equinox (and Pontiac Torrent) and the original 3.5L that was installed in several ’04-’07 Chevy cars and crossovers. And, we’ll give you an overview of what

Exhausting Emissions Questions

It’s kind of funny because 20 years ago, no one wanted a clacking bucket of bolts, let alone have to work on one of these diesel engines. That was simply how the diesel engine was viewed. Now, mid-size trucks offer reliable power, awesome torque, quiet engines and decent fuel economy from a vehicle that can

Today’s Cylinder Block Choices Broader Than Ever

In this case, “best” power means that the engine does exactly what the driver – regardless of racing type – wants it to do,  when he wants it to do it. It also helps the driver’s winning percentage if the engine makes it to the end of the race. Remember that old saying: “To finish

Evolving Crankshaft Designs and Applications

In the early days, a crank didn’t have to be very sophisticated or strong because most engines were an inline design, and the loads and speeds were relatively low. Fast forward to today. The evolution in engine technology, power and performance has led to a whole new generation of performance crankshafts that are a mechanical

2011 Engine Builder Tech Solutions Guide

Provides technical tips/solutions broken out by engine family – Ford, GM Chrysler, Performance and Shop Tips.       (Use the links below to view a PDF of each section or click here for entire supplement)      FORD GM         CHRYSLER  SHOP TIPS  PERFORMANCE          Sponsored by: