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Engine Builder Shop Solutions: March 2013

Safe Valve Spring Break-In Most engine builders are well aware of the fact that high performance valve springs should be compressed to coil bind through several cycles before being installed.  The problem with this procedure is that it can be time consuming, costly and even dangerous. It is time consuming if each spring is compressed

The Crate Is Dead

Well, maybe not yet. But can you think of anything more boring than the same old 350 Chevy motor in every hot rod at the burger joint on a Friday night? I mean really? I was in a shop recently and commented about the Chrysler Hemi heads on the bench. The shop owner said, “Yeah,

Bearing Clearances

Is it better to build an engine with tighter bearing clearances and run it on low viscosity synthetic motor oil, or is it better to build an engine with more traditional or even looser bearing clearances and use heavier viscosity oil? Tight bearing clearances and relatively thin synthetic multi-viscosity motor oils work well in many

Tuning In To The EFI Market

There are many variables that need to be calculated and calibrated when it comes to electronic fuel injection (EFI), but simple fuel flow is just the beginning. EFI goes far beyond a replacement for a carburetor, and the electronic part of the equation is where these systems seem so complicated. Many EFI systems give you

Rebuilding Chrysler’s ‘Revived’ Engine Family

Casting numbers, VIN codes, components and processes to rebuild/remanufacture these engines are compiled for Chrysler’s newly revised engine family including 4 cylinders, V6s and V8s Chrysler made some major changes in their engine line-up starting in ’07. They replaced their four cylinder engines in everything but the PT Cruiser in ’07, updated the 4.7L V8

The Raptor Takes Flight

In an age when kids would rather hot rod their computers than their cars, it’s kind of amazing that old fashioned hot rodding still exists – even thrives in today’s society. While computers certainly have their place, the younger generation is still looking for entertainment and thrills – whether captured in HD?or in real life.

6th Annual Stroker Engine Guide

How To Use This Resource Guide Admittedly, we couldn’t get everything in these charts as we’d like, however, this should give you a good idea of what kind of kits are available and from which suppliers. We have organized the data by manufacturer and then block type, whether it’s a small block or big block

World’s Smallest V8 Engine

Gary Conley’s 30-year quest to manufacture a true production V8 engine in quarter-scale almost went up in smoke twice, once in 2001 when a foundry fire claimed all his critical molds, and later when oil smoke proved a stubborn problem during run-offs of the engine. Conley overcame the first setback with years of sheer determination.

Direct Marketing

Just like an engine, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing, and postcard marketing, in particular, is no exception to that rule. There is a definite amount of strategic planning, skill, and coordination that goes into creating a perfect direct mail campaign, but if you get it right, it can