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EFI Modules – Nothing To Be Scared About

I just finished watching my favorite TV show – Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. A good portion of each episode is devoted to tuning these 2,000-3,500 hp monsters to get down the street without smoking the tires the entire 1/8th mile. However, you rarely see any hoods open or any adjustments to the engine taking place.

Engine Building Bloopers

I learned early when doing an engine for a customer, especially a partial job, with the end user finishing construction, the importance of knowing that person’s capabilities – or better put – incapabilities. Over my many years I have witnessed some amazing engine bloopers.

Performance Oiling Systems

Regardless of what type of engine you are building, the oiling system must be capable of creating and maintaining adequate oil pressure and flow no matter what. Accelerating, cornering, hard braking or extreme RPMs should not cause even a momentary drop in oil pressure. It only takes a few seconds of oil starvation to spin

Import Introspective

For those of you who dedicate your engine business to domestics, could you ever see yourself building a V6 that makes 2,000+ hp? Does that interest you? Do you think its possible? Have you looked into the large import platforms like Audi R8, Lamborghinis or the Nissan GT-R? If you don’t work on imports, do

ATV/UTVs – Not Just a Glorified Golf Cart Anymore

When the world of ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) began to sprout up and dealerships everywhere began selling these off-road machines, performance modifications also began to grow right along with them. As with any recreational machine, whether on or off-road, there will be many who want a little more than the typical performance. Getting more power and

Camshaft Art and Science – You Get Out What You Put In

The most misunderstood component of an engine is the camshaft. Selecting a camshaft and understanding its profile and design can be a “black art” as most of what a cam profile controls is invisible – air. Yet, the camshaft has a major impact on engine performance.

If You’re Not Measuring, You’re Guessing

Today’s tolerances are much closer than they have ever been and that is why exact measurement is necessary. Way back when, we mostly had to deal with three decimal places. Today we’re going out to four decimal places. Why? What has changed?

Indy 500 Car Engines

Each May since 1911, thousands of auto racing fans have gathered to watch the most famous and talented drivers compete in the Indianapolis 500-mile race – better known as just the Indy 500. Winning the Indy 500 has been the goal of racing professionals for more than 100 years. Taking the checkered flag at the