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Around The Block: Taking The Mystery Out Of Engine Hot Spots And Head Gasket Failures

Internal combustion engines produce power when a burning mixture of air and fuel expands. These engines also become more efficient as combustion temperature increases, but to develop maximum power, the energy lost as heat should be kept as low as possible. If engine parts were made out of materials which did not expand, corrode or

Niche Market Opportunities

Opportunity is where you find it. Rebuilding passenger car and light truck engines and doing the machine work that

Rebuilding Toyota 3.0L V6 Engine

In 1988 Toyota introduced its first V6. Most of the information that follows applies to the 3.0L version used in Toyota’s truck applications. The 3.4L is still fairly new to the aftermarket at this point. 3VZ-E – 3.0L SOHC V6 – ’88-’95 The 3VZ-E was also introduced for the 1988 model year on Toyota 4×4