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Speaking From Personal Experience, OBD II Can Be A Headache For Engine Builders But before you have to pay for your mistakes, learn from the ones I made The main purpose of previous columns has been to discuss the effects of OBD II on engine rebuilding. But one question many of our readers keep asking

Heavy Duty Details

Old Days Are Gone; Now, Reconditioned Con Rods Must Meet Critical Specs Too much twist and bend will limit oil clearances and can cause engine damage I can remember in the old days how rods were reconditioned. We had a dry hone with limited mandrels. Rods were ground, assembled, torqued and dry-honed to final specs.

Little Engines, Big Money

For the rebuilding facility familiar with typical automotive or heavy-duty engines, the small displacement, four-cycle, air-cooled engine may seem insignificant. After all, these one-cylinder motors, which may produce just 5 hp, are found in lawn mowers, rototillers and kiddy go karts, for cryin’ out loud! Although the small four-cycle engines from Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh,

Engine Builder Will Focus Exclusively On The Engine Builder

By the time you begin reading this page you will probably already realize that next month marks the formal introduction of a newly designed and rebadged magazine. Beginning with the June 2001 issue, Automotive Rebuilder magazine will become Engine Builder magazine. In 1964 Automotive Rebuilder began its coverage of the automotive rebuilding industry. From then

Engine Balancing Traditional and Niche Market Opportunities, John Witt

Like many segments of the auto market, automotive machine shops have seen technology changes, changes in marketing/distribution channels (crate motors, for example) and the consolidation of shops. Staying competitive and profitable can be a daily challenge. The selection of services you offer and the direction in which you grow your business has never been more

Court Square Capital Owns 90% Of Delco Remy

Court Square Capital, a unit of Citigroup, announced that it has completed its buy of approximately $247 million in Delco Remy International shares that it had not previously owned. With the completion of this offer, Court Square Capital now owns about 90 percent of Delco Remy common stock. DRI Acquisition LLC, a subsidiary of Court

Engine Builder Letter: Automotive Rebuilder Will Be Changed To Engine Builder

When you look at the cover of your magazine next month, you will notice a new name there. AUTOMOTIVE REBUILDER will be changed to ENGINE BUILDER. Founded in l964, AUTOMOTIVE REBUILDER originally served the entire rebuilding industry including engines, parts and transmissions. And, it was primarily an automotive focused publication. Much has changed during the