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Ford Y-Block Engine Tricks

The Y-Block Ford is the successor to the flathead and Henry’s first OHV V-8 engine. They were built from 1954-’64 and installed in Fords, Mercurys, Edsels and Ford trucks. They came as 239, 254, 272, 292, and 312s. All along there were just enough cracked heads to become a nuisance, and efforts were made to

Piston Choice Key For High Performance Applications

Piston selection, like all other elements that go into a high performance motor these days, is a critical ingredient with many choices. Although 80 percent of racers can get by with off-the-shelf pistons for their applications, shops that are always looking for that extra edge for their customers and do lots of research and development

The Properties Of Cast Iron

The reality is that much of what you understand and have been taught about welding cast iron may be incorrect. Cast iron is not used because it’s cheap, but because it has very good properties and works extremely well as the metal of choice for many engine blocks and cylinder heads. Cast iron has gotten