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Having come from the era of the muscle car, it is extremely interesting to me to get out and look at the new vehicles, feel the performance and see the technology that makes the tailpipe emissions half of what they were in 1996. This technology is made possible by faster power train control modules that

PERA’S Core Corner

Unless you maintain the correct Focus on the engine blocks being used for Ford 2.0L SOHC applications beginning in 1997 you could certainly end being Escort-ed down the wrong path and ending up in that awful position of a “do over.” In fact the block choices per application remind me of the “Mounds” and “Almond

Building Drag Racing Cylinder Heads

One thing every drag racer wants is to go faster – even bracket racers. There are lots of ways to shave tenths of seconds and even whole seconds off an elapsed time. It all comes down to how much money the racer is willing to spend in his quest for speed. One way to go

Sprint Car Motors

While the World of Outlaws, the All Stars, and USAC are the most well known of the sprint car racing organizations in this country, there are nearly fifty organizations that sanction sprint car racing. In addition, that doesn’t take into account the racetracks throughout the country that have their own division of sprint cars. Although

Cylinder Bore Refinishing with Honing Tools

By ring friendly, we mean a finish that provides good support for the rings, retains oil and does not require a lengthy break-in period. For most engines today, a ring-friendly finish means a plateau finish. A plateau bore finish is what all types of rings eventually produce when they are fully seated, so the closer

Putting the ‘Power’ in Powersports

Performing rebuilds and other machine services on ATVs, personal watercraft (PWC) and snowmobile engines may provide your shop with a little added boost during a down period without having to retool your entire shop. However, to make the most of the opportunity, you should know what type of market you can serve best – ATV,

Did What Happen In Las Vegas Go Home With You?

Las Vegas is known in some circles as “Sin City,” yet this improbable outcropping of neon, skin and cash labored hard a few years ago to change its image. “Don’t worry,” the city winked to parents, “we’re different now – we’re the ‘family friendly’ vacation destination. C’mon out and bring the kids!” Well, Las Vegas