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Shop Financials: Automotive Technology Isn’t All Under The Hood

Like our cars, many of us take our computer systems and networks for granted. Once they are installed and working, we tend to forget about scheduled maintenance and security. Since most of the services that our companies require are on the Internet, we are forced to get access to stay current with technology. When on

PERAs Core Corner: Ford Balance Shaft Information For Gearheads

This month’s column is going to be information about balance shaft gears and changes that have occurred in some Ford engines. But I thought before we got to that I would give a little history on balance shafts and their purpose. The basic concept behind balance shafts has been recognized for nearly a century. Contrary

Building Drag Racing Engines and Modification Work

Although drag strips are far outnumbered by oval tracks in the United States – approximately 1,043 oval tracks to just 295 drag strips – the number of competitors in drag racing nearly equals those in the circle track ranks. The NHRA alone has more than 35,000 licensed members. One reason might be that virtually any

All About The Alloys – Valve Seat Selection For High Performance Applications

We can’t make any sweeping generalizations about what kind of seats work best in a performance engine application because “performance” covers a lot of territory, everything from hot street engines with stainless steel valves to top fuel drag racing and NASCAR engines with titanium valves. Seat requirements vary depending on the application, what kind of

Shop Management Software

Reality TV puts ordinary people into difficult, often dangerous situations with the sole purpose of providing entertainment to millions of people. Except for the “entertainment” and “millions of people” part of the equation, that also sounds like just another business day. How often do you as a machine shop owner or engine rebuilder feel that

Connecting Rod Reconditioning: More to it than you might think

The connecting rod plays a vital role in the engine. But a connecting rod is under tremendous stress, with the weight of the piston sitting on top, changing direction thousands of times per minute. This continuous stopping and changing of direction combined with the weight of the piston and speed of the engine hammer on

Final Wrap: The AERA International Expo 2005 and PERA Spring Marketing and Tech Meetings

News item: Steve Wynn, the brash Las Vegas casino developer who created the Mirage, Treasure Island and the Bellagio, opened his newest resort in Las Vegas on April 28th. The first new casino resort to open in Las Vegas in five years, the Wynn Las Vegas is apparently a beautiful property that’s different than any