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Machine Maintenance, Follow The Clues To Avoid The Comeback Blues

Even before you start the teardown, you can gather many clues about what needs to be done. Encourage your counter guys to engage in as much conversation with the customer as possible. Just listening to him tell why he is bringing you this engine will yield tons of information that goes a long way toward

PERA’s Core Corner: It’s Time To Say Goodbye To An Old Friend

by Roy Berndt I have a La-Z-Boy recliner that I probably should have retired ten years ago. Yet even today, it’s one of the most comfortable chairs that I have ever sat in. Because I hate the thought of giving it up, my next move will be to put it in the garage, where I

Pistons and Pins: What’s New

Asking piston manufacturers “what’s new” reveals a number of trends that are reshaping the piston business today. One is that there’s no longer a time lag of three or four years for aftermarket piston suppliers to tool up for the latest piston applications. Production engine remanufacturers (PERs) and custom engine rebuilders (CERs) are asking for

Advances in Cleaning Equipment

You could argue that the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Up until its introduction in households, people had to wash each dish individually, by hand, and dishpan hands were common among women and children. But the dishwasher changed all of that for families, and on its arrival, children everywhere

Dynos in the Classroom

At many colleges and universities, study time is quiet time. Silent students engrossed in books and notes crowd cubicles and corridors in an attempt to gain whatever advantage they can for the next exam. At the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNO), the best learning experiences are often accompanied by the sweet sound of horsepower. As