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Mitch’s World: Serving Up A Well-Balanced Engine

One of the most colorful threads woven through the fabric of my early life growing up in Brooklyn was going for Chinese food on special weekends with the family. No matter how ordinary a second look at the same restaurant with adult eyes might seem today, as a child these exotic destinations were always a

Fast Lane: Regional Race Tracks

By the time you read this, most racetracks will have begun their summer schedules. Sure, NASCAR has been running since February, and I’m sure many warm-weather tracks have been operating most of the year, but the majority of tracks are just beginning their seasons.If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to make

Engine Sealing Lowdown

With engines now lasting as long as 150,000-plus miles, there’s little doubt that the OEMs have created a monster! Gasket technology advances have played a significant part in the longevity and durability of today’s engines. They must be robust and durable enough to withstand a hostile environment for such a long life, and without leading

Rocker Arm- Form & Function

For all the changes in the performance engine over the years, one constant remains – no matter what series they’re running, no matter what the payout, no matter if it’s just a couple of guys trying to outdo each other stoplight to stoplight, racers will often spend money they don’t have in search of the

Honing Stones & Equipment

The finish on the cylinder walls is critical for proper piston ringlubrication and sealing. The bore geometry is also important, and mustbe round, cylindrical and straight for optimum sealing and minimumblowby. The equipment used to hone cylinders has changed in recent years as thedemand for better surface finishes, faster cycle times and lowerproduction costs have