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Selecting Cranks, Rods and Bearings For Your Next Build

Racing engines are made for one thing – speed. But speed is a wide target. It is in the sum of parts that are bolted together to make up the package that speed is delivered to your customer. Engine builders know that one of the biggest areas where races are won and lost is in

Sprint & Midget Racing Engine Market

While the World of Outlaws, the All-Stars and USAC are the most well-known of the sprint car racing organizations in this country, and USAC is probably the best known of the midget racing organizations, there have been many new groups surfacing in the past several years. According to Allan Brown, publisher of The National Sprint

CNC Machines for Heavy-Duty or Industrial Engines

On one hand, automating certain commonly performed machining processes means you only have to do the initial setup once and the machine does the rest. It frees up the machine operator to do something else, and it reduces the risk of human error when doing tedious, repetitive tasks. On the other hand, making the transition

Labor Costing Study: GM LS-Series Engine

        The venerable Chevy smallblock engine has been one of the most popular and successful engines in the history of the world since it was created in 1955. So when GM decided it was time to update the Mouse motor, people were understandably worried. And when the resulting  replacement was the LT1/LT4