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G&R Diesel – Engine Builder Profile

G&R Diesel first opened in 2008 working on class 8 trucks, but with a strong market and the growing popularity of diesel pickup trucks, it wasn’t long until they added diesel performance to their list of services.

Diesel Engines & the EPA

Before the EPA started snooping around, there were relatively few restrictions on diesels. That’s starting to change.

Alcohol-Powered Tractor Pulling Engines

As other forms of motorsports keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with an engine, tractor pulling is no different.

Killing a Duramax

“If I’m lucky, we’re going to blow this pup past 1,000 horsepower.”

Diesel Transmissions – Geared Up to Handle the Power

When we build a transmission unit, we always try to figure out what the customer uses it for, what their horsepower goal is and what they are going to be doing. We build the transmission to handle their ultimate goal.

The Building Blocks of Diesel Engines

With diesel cylinder blocks, unlike gasoline blocks that may only deal with 25-35 pounds of pressure, diesel can be as much as 250 psi. The block is crucial to keeping everything together.

Dissecting a Diesel

From the oil pan to the valve cover and every part in between, this D&J Precision Machine Executioner Cummins diesel engine was 100% designed and manufactured in the D&J facility here in Ohio.

Shop Solutions May 2020

We do a lot of crankshaft snout rebuilding. To make the process easier, we keep some homespun mandrels that screw into the snout of the crankshaft so it is held secure for welding and machining.

Diesel Dominance

Whether you have a Ford, Dodge or Chevy, the Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax diesels are all being pushed beyond their prior limits to reach new milestones.