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Valvetrains: Better Materials & Design

Pushrods would seem to be an endangered species these days, atleast as far as most new engine designs are concerned. The onlybrand new engines built in recent years with a pushrod valvetrainhave been Chrysler’s 8.0L V10 for the Viper and Dodge Ram, andGeneral Motors new "LS1" 5.7L small block V8. All therest have either been

Niche Market Opportunities

In today’s highly competitive market, it makes sense to constantlybe on the lookout for new opportunities. Information on the marketsdescribed in this article may provide some new business prospectsfor those shops not already involved with them. However, rebuildersshould constantly be prospecting for other niche markets for theirexisting products or services. There are potentially many products

Can We Expand Demand: There Is A Better Alternative To Buying Or Leasing A New Or Used Car

Can the engine rebuilding industry increase the size of the marketfor replacement remanufactured engines over the next several years?Can engine rebuilders and their parts and equipment suppliersexpand consumer awareness about a rebuilt engine being a preferredalternative to buying or leasing a new car or truck, or installinga used engine? Chuck Barnett, president of Dura-Bond Bearing