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Inside Nitrous Oxide Engines

The recreational use of nitrous oxide as a horsepower-enhancing compound first came into prominence in the 1960s. But its first application to internal combustion engines was for far more deadly purposes. During World War II, the Germans reportedly were the first to install nitrous oxide systems on their fighter planes. The Allies soon followed and

Selling To The Price Shopper: How Far Should You Go?

The things you overhear on crowded buses! While attending two recent rebuilding conventions, I had the opportunity to discuss many of the industry

Performance Market Niche Specialists: There Has Been A Rebirth In Street Performance

The performance market is hot these days. No doubt about it. Motorsports is the number one spectator sport in America. Millions of people not only attend professional auto racing events all around the country, but are avid viewers of racing on cable and broadcast television. What