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PERA’s Core Corner, Roy

In the September 2003 installment of "PERA Core Corner," I provided both information and a chart to help with Ford casting and part numbering identification. I mentioned that the center portion of every Ford part number includes an identifier number, which indicates what that component part is. I also stated that I was unaware of

Performance Doesn’t Always Mean "Race Cars"

When discussing high performance engine work, most shop owners instinctively think about racecars. It might be circle track racing, drag racing, tractor pulling, boat racing or many other forms of "off-street" motorsports. It

Performance Machining


Low, Loud and Fast – Karting Isn’t Kids’ Stuff

Karting, like car racing, offers potential opportunities to engine builders willing to make the commitment to a growing sport. If you

What’s Wrong With Our Industry

What’s wrong with the engine building industry today? It’s a simple question that has no simple answer. Like many other – if not every – industry facing difficult times, the factors impacting this market are varied, complex and frustratingly hard to pin down. Are the woes of the industry the fault of customers or suppliers?

Club Racing Engine Builds: Where Excitement Meets Opportunity

When you think of fast food, you think of McDonald