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Fast Lane, Is Your Off-Season Busier Than Ever?

While there may be a few tracks that race year-round, mostly in the south or west, the majority of race tracks in North America have now completed their seasons. They’re getting ready for their award banquets where they honor the season champions and thank their sponsors. They will use the off-season to review the season

Off Road Racing Engine Market

It had been a long week in Las Vegas, manning the booth and getting the scoop on the performance market at the SEMA Show. I was tired and ready to catch a plane back home, but I had one last assignment before I left: Go into the desert and cover an off-road race. I woke

Understanding Oval Track Cranks & Rods: There’s more to it than you think

Racing’s racing, right? The first one is the winner and second place is just the first loser. While that may be true as far as it goes, getting across the finish line first takes different techniques depending on the type of racing it is. Racing engines are not immune to specialization. Where one style of

Bringing A GenIII LS1 Stroker Back to Life

Performance engine builing is as old as the first Model T rebuild, but thanks to today’s new engine platforms and a plethora of aftermarket equipment, many engine builders can be intimidated by the scope of the possibilities. But, as we highlight in this article, there are basic engine practices and philosophies that work whether it

New Metals-New Challenges

Cast iron is like an old familiar friend to most of our readers because it’s been around forever. Vehicle manufacturers like cast iron because it’s cheap compared to most other metals, it is strong and durable, and it can be easily cast and machined to make engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods and other