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Gasket Surface Machining is Critical to Cylinder Head Repair

According to this representative, the relatively short production life of modern engines also shortens the time that an aftermarket gasket company needs to remedy application-specific cylinder head sealing problems. Another issue is that, if the company develops a superior gasket sealing design for specific applications, the engine might disappear from the market before the company’s

Subaru WRX Engine Mods & Dyno Testing

Balancing ultimate performance within legal parameters and practicality is what Z Sport ( is all about. I spent several hours being shown their clean and well-equipped shop in Everett, WA. Manager Charles Damewood and Owner Gary Watts both were very helpful in explaining what it is that Z Sport does, and how their shop makes

2011 LS Engine Parts Buyers Guide

  This directory is composed of companies who told us they supply various parts for the LS?engine. You’ll want to check with them for their latest offerings. This isn’t an exhaustive list – only companies who responded to our survey (or our advertisers) were included. For more company contact information, visit our exclusive online resource,

The Greatest Show(s) On Earth

Every time, it seems, one way or another, the announcer always managed to get in those lines. I always wondered which was the “Greatest Show” and which was only the “Second Greatest Show” on Earth. Well the year is rapidly coming to an end, but before it’s gone, we’ll have made our decisions about which

IMCA Engines: Building Engines to Modified Racing Rules

We will point out any differences in rules for the other organizations as we go along. As always, it is a good idea to check with your local track regarding rules in ANY of the divisions you are building engines for. IMCA is the oldest active automobile sanctioning organization in the U.S., which started in

Cam Drives and Timing Components

Cam timing plays a huge role in an engine’s power curve. Advancing cam timing shifts the power curve more toward the lower rpm range, while retarding it moves the power curve higher up the rpm scale. If an engine is being built for a particular application (stock, street/strip, drag race, circle track, you-name-it), how the

Jasper, Sunnen Give Away Street Performance Engine For Charity

Sunnen Products and Jasper Engines and Transmissions have teamed up to produce a high performance engine that features a full complement of aftermarket parts. According to Ron Williams, SMTSE, Southeastern Regional Mgr. for Sunnen, the proceeds from the raffle all go to charity. One hundred percent of the money raised from the Rev It Up