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Extending Hd Clutch Life: Proper Analysis Is Critical For Evaluation Of Manufacturing Process Control

Proper analysis of failed clutch componentsis critical for evaluation of manufacturing process control, productlife expectancy and warranty analysis. Rebuilt products whichare application and installer sensitive are easily blamed forfailures which may actually be the result of an installation error,poor maintenance procedures, or an improper application identification. In the evaluation of failed heavy duty clutches,the majority

Ford’s 4G Alternator: IAR Series & The New 4G

When one considers the Ford IAR series of alternators,then examines the new 4G alternator, it seems that Ford went overboardto correct all the problems with the IAR series. The IAR series was designed for rapid assemblyand disassembly with plenty of snap-on connectors and mountinghardware. With this design approach came problems, particularlywith the burnt out B-S-S