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Higher Prices or Productivity Will Increase Pay

During my seminars with machine shop owners across the country I hear over and over again two common themes: "I

The Percentage Of DIYer Households In The United States Has Remained Constant For The Past Six Years

According to a new market research study released by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) segment of the automotive aftermarket is not shrinking; in fact, the percentage of DIYer households in the United States has remained constant for the past six years. This comes as no surprise to Ernie and Sandi Holder,

2001 Machine Shop of the Year: Hendrick

Traditionally, Missourians are thought of as skeptical, not prepared to embrace a new concept until it is a proven success. The motto "Show-Me" is imprinted on their license plates and in our national culture. Luckily for his customers, Steve Hendrick isn

The Drive For Performance Import Profits

The automotive industry has seen a great number of specialty niches since the first automobile owner decided to customize his Model T. Since that time, the search for the next great profit opportunity within the aftermarket has continued. The newest niche in the specialty aftermarket is the import performance market. Although modifying these small, powerful

Engine Crack Detection Technology

It doesn’t matter if you’re rebuilding a high mileage engine and reusing salvaged components or using brand new parts right out of the box – any highly stressed component or casting that has to withstand high loads, temperatures and/or pressures should always be inspected to make sure it is free from cracks or other defects

How Important Our Relationships Really Are: We’re Shocked And Deeply Saddened By The Terrorist Attacks

As the staff at Engine Builder magazine worked to prepare this month