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PERA’S Core Corner

In trying to keep our ear to the ground and understanding all the casting proliferation of today

IRS Addresses Phantom Incomes And Ghost Core Values

Sometimes patience and perseverance pays off. Over eight years ago my client, the Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA), learned that the Internal Revenue Service had issued new internal guidelines directing how rebuilders must value their core inventories for tax purposes. Of particular concern to the industry was the way IRS wanted a rebuilder to value

Fields of Green

The secret to making money these days, in many cases, is to go where the aging baby boomers go. And today, boomers are spending big money on "recapturing the rapture" of the cars of their youth. Whether you

Nationwide Warranties

The competition faced by engine builders has never been tougher. There seems to be no end to the new car incentives that the manufacturers can dream up in order to continue the torrid pace of new car sales. This factor, along with consumer perceptions of improved OEM engine quality and performance, several years ago was

Thinking Outside The Crankcase

Are you using your crankshaft grinder every day? Although it may be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your shop, it may sit idle for a long time if you don

The Final Wrap

Dr. Jekyll used to take a secret potion to turn him into the hideous Mr. Hyde. The Wolfman grew fangs, fur and a fearsome appetite under the full moon. Certain customers