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PERA Core Corner

The planned demise of all LA Chrysler engine configurations was already in the wind for some time when the Power Tech 4.7L SOHC engine was introduced in the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 1999. Not only was it the first clean sheet design V8 for Chrysler in 41 years, but it was the first full production

Sonic Testers: A Surefire Method Of Detecting Metal Treasure

Most of you have probably seen those TV commercials for metal detectors and the subtle suggestions that they could help you find a fortune in buried treasure. Maybe

Hog Wild In The Heartland

For a state that offers only five months

Align Yourself

The crankshaft main bores are the foundation of every engine block. The alignment of the main bores is important because their position establishes the centerline of the crankshaft and how the crank aligns with the cylinders, deck surfaces and camshaft. Misalignment in the main bores can cause binding and premature main bearing wear. Misalignment occurs

Getting Your Head Straight About Head Straightening

Along with new-style aluminum cylinder heads came a few inherent characteristics